Four Lifesaving Resources For Families On A Budget

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Kids at the library

I always appreciate tips on how to live life to the full on a budget. And with two kids under 5, life definitely feels full! Here are some resources I’ve found really helpful. Flipp – Flyer Comparison App After housing, food is the next biggest expense in our household. We try to cook as many meals as possible at home. … Read More

Create a Debt Plan in 10 Minutes

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Conquer your debt

Are credit card interest payments weighing you down? You’re not alone. Nearly half of Canadians hold credit card debt , but nobody likes talking about it. According to a survey by the National Foundation for Consumer Counselling (U.S.),  37% of respondents would be more embarrassed  to admit the balance on their credit cards than their age or weight.  Our goal is to get rid of this stigma so that we can start dealing with the problem. … Read More

What’s In A Credit Score?


Credit Score Borrowell

When it comes to your financial health, there are lots of numbers you could examine. Your bank balance, the amount of debt you owe and your net worth are just some examples. But of all these numbers, credit score has to be the one that Canadians understand the least. What goes into a credit score? What’s the difference between a … Read More

3 Ways Tech Will Change Your Finances Forever


tech finances

Canadian companies are using technology to improve your financial life. Big changes are coming to make things simpler and more rewarding, from how you pay for a lunch-time coffee to how you plan for retirement. Investing A recent repor t from the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives highlighted how high fees on mutual funds are eroding Canadians’ retirement savings in their RRSPs: … Read More