Top 10 Reasons to Move Credit Card Debt to a Term Loan



If, like many Canadians , you find yourself with credit card debt and wonder if there’s a good solution for you, there are a few options out there and some are better than others. While we may dream of a lottery win to pay off debt and move to the sunny shores of the Caribbean (maybe that’s just me), here are ten reasons … Read More

How Is Borrowell Different From Payday Lenders?


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Around 2 million Canadians use payday loans annually. There are over 1,400 payday outlets in Canada – either as storefronts or online. What is the difference between a payday loan and other personal loan products? At first glance, one lender can appear to be quite similar to another. But there are a number of key differences between payday lenders and other mainstream … Read More

Pay Off That Credit Card Balance…Lose The Debt!

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Can’t get rid of a pesky lingering credit card balance? Having a dedicated debt payment plan certainly helps… but sometimes you have to address your debt issues at the source. Did you know that, at an average interest rate of 20%, credit cards are among the costliest loans out there? What if you could switch your debt to a different … Read More

What Is Online Lending? Canada Edition.

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What is online lending? If you’ve recently been investigating your personal loan options, you may have discovered that there is a new way to borrow money in Canada – online lending.  What is the difference between online lending and traditional bank lending? How does online lending work? Whether you’re looking to consolidate your debt, or are simply in the market for a … Read More

Reinventing The Credit Score: How The Data Revolution Is Shaping Personal Finance


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There are certain numbers that people just know – their annual income, age, weight, and perhaps even their social insurance number. This list tends to change through time as technology advances; for instance one may not need to remember their spouse’s phone number with the advent of cellphones and programs like Google Contacts or Outlook. However, there are certain numbers … Read More