Responsible Canadians Pay Way Too Much for ‘Bad Debt’

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It used to be that when the going got tough, Canadians lived pay cheque to pay cheque. Today, too many good credit Canadians are living credit card interest payment to credit card interest payment. This is a difficult scenario, compounded by an increasing level of what is known as ‘bad’ debt. With credit card debt levels over $80 billion, responsible Canadians are paying … Read More

5 Questions with Toronto Mayor John Tory


One of our favourite blog features is called “5 Questions With”, in which we pose 5 thought provoking questions to various prominent members of our community.  In this week’s blog post, we ask 5 Questions to Toronto Mayor John Tory! It’s been almost exactly one year since John Tory became Mayor of Toronto.  Recently, Mayor Tory travelled to London, UK and … Read More

FinTech Canada – The Unbundling Of Canadian Financial Services

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Unbundling of a Bank- Canadian Edition

  High-growth Canadian startups from coast-to-coast are leveraging financial technology (aka fintech) to challenge traditional banking verticals. We charted the unbundling above. To experience for yourself how Borrowell is using technology to offer lower rates and a better customer experience, click ‘Check My Rate’ below!

My Experience Applying For A Loan From The Bank


Setting Foot In A Bank Canada

We know that many customers choose Borrowell as a way to refinance credit cards and other debt at better rates. But there is also a serious convenience factor that Borrowell brings to the process of getting a personal loan. We spent a lot of time developing the platform to be as user-friendly as possible. In comparison, the process of getting a personal … Read More

5 Questions with Philippe Garneau of GWP Brand Engineering


Phillipe Canada

Not many people know financial services advertising industry as well as Philippe Garneau, Founder of GWP Brand Engineering.  They were the agency that famously brought ING Direct to Canada, and are now the agency powering Borrowell’s mission to make Canadian borrowing more fast, fair and friendly.  We caught up with Philippe for the latest installment of ‘5 Questions With…’ You … Read More