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Get My Free Credit Score 
This won’t affect your credit score!

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We help Canadians make great decisions about credit. We empower Canadians to improve their financial well-being by providing free credit score monitoring and product recommendations.

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First, find out your credit score for free. Next, you’ll receive personalized tips to improve your score and product recommendations to help you save money.

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Getting Your Free Credit Score From Borrowell

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We use the same level of encryption as the big banks to ensure your information stays safe.


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It's free. We’ll even update your score regularly, provide tips to improve it and recommend the best products for you.

Get My Credit Score For Free This won't affect your credit score!

Is it really free? What’s the catch?

Yes, it really is free. We don’t ask you for your credit card number and we don’t have a premium service that we charge for. We will also never share your personal information unless you give us clear permission to do so (for example, to prefill out a form so you don’t have to retype in your information).

So how can we do this? Sometimes, to help you achieve your financial goals, we’ll provide you with product recommendations. If you take a product we recommend, that company pays us a referral fee. We also offer our own personal loan product and we earn a fee on each loan. Not interested? That’s totally fine – we’re still happy to provide you with your credit score for free. Hopefully, over time we’ll recommend something you will find useful. And if not, we’re happy to help you learn about and improve your credit score.


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Disclaimer: The Equifax credit score is based on Equifax’s proprietary model and may not be the same score used by third parties to determine your credit profile. Third parties will take into consideration other information in addition to a credit score when evaluating your credit profile. The score provided to you for educational use is the Equifax Risk Score, also known as ERS 2.0.