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Credit Report Launch

Why Are We Launching Free Credit Reports?

We started Borrowell with a big goal in mind: to help Canadians make great decisions about credit and improve their financial well-being.  With Canada’s household debt at record levels – to the tune of $2.11 trillion – we think there… Read More

Andrew Graham

January 24, 2018

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Why Borrowell Credit Scores

Why Is Borrowell Giving Canadians Their Credit Scores For Free?

It’s been a big week, here at Borrowell! On Monday, for the first time in Canadian history, we made credit scores available for free, without having to apply for credit. The number one question we’re being asked is “Why?” So… Read More

Andrew Graham

June 23, 2016

Are you getting credit for having good credit

Are You Getting Credit for Having Good Credit?

Thanks to our friends at for inviting me to write a guest post for their blog! Check it out here: Are You Getting Credit for Having Good Credit?

Andrew Graham

May 13, 2015

marketplace lending

The Biggest Financial Innovation For Consumers Since The ATM?

I’m en route back to Toronto from New York City, where members of the Borrowell team were attending LendIt 2015. LendIt is the world’s largest and most influential marketplace lending conference. This year, 2500 people from around the globe gathered to… Read More

Andrew Graham

April 16, 2015

Borrowell Team

How Borrowell is bringing better borrowing to Canadians

Why has technology transformed so many other industries, from retail to travel, but financial services have stayed much the same? That’s the question that got us started at Borrowell. With consumer debt at record levels, we were surprised that there… Read More

Andrew Graham

March 31, 2015