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Borrowell CEO Andrew Graham on “Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian” Podcast

May 24, 2016

Borrowell CEO Andrew Graham was recently a guest on Preet Banerjee’s podcast “Mostly Money, Mostly Canadian”

The episode was entitled “How Online Lenders Compete With Big Banks” and featured a candid discussion between Andrew and Preet

From Preet:

“The gap in interest rates between secured and unsecured debt for prime borrowers in Canada is pretty big. That’s why Andrew Graham, CEO of Borrowell, decided to set up an online lending marketplace for Canadians.

I met with Andrew at Borrowell’s offices in Toronto and we had an interesting conversation about his background, how Borrowell started, and who has been using the service so far. We also look down the road to speculate as to what the incumbent big banks might do to respond to the disruption in this slice of the consumer debt market”.

The episode is now available on iTunes (You have to click through to “view in iTunes”). You can also use the embedded player above, but we recommend subscribing to Preet’s podcast on iTunes.