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Does Borrowell offer services in French?

Borrowell only offers its services in English for the time being. In the future, we plan on offering our services in French to better serve our Francophone members.

Are Borrowell’s services offered in Quebec?

Yes. Borrowell now offers free credit score and credit report monitoring in Quebec. We don’t offer personal loans in Quebec at this time.

Les services de Borrowell sont-ils offert en français?

À l’heure actuelle, Borrowell n’offre ses services qu’en anglais. Nous prévoyons prochainement d’offrir nos services en français afin de mieux servir notre clientèle francophone.

Les services de Borrowell sont-ils offerts au Québec?

Oui, Borrowell offre dorénavant ses services de surveillance de cote de crédit et dossier de crédit au Québec. Pour le moment, nous n’offrons pas de prêts personnels dans la province de Québec.

How do I contact Borrowell?

You can contact Borrowell by emailing hello@borrowell.com.

I have a media request. How do I contact Borrowell?

If you have a media request for Borrowell, please contact media@borrowell.com.

How does Borrowell make money?

Our business generates revenue by recommending products such as loans, savings accounts, and other financial products based on your unique credit profile and financial goals. If you take a product we recommend, that company pays us a referral fee. We also offer our own personal loan product and we earn a fee on each loan. Not interested? That’s totally fine – we’re still happy to provide you with your credit score for free. Hopefully, over time we’ll recommend something you will find useful. And if not, we’re happy to help you learn about and improve your credit score.