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free credit score available in Quebec

Borrowell’s Free Credit Monitoring Service Is Now Available In Quebec (Beta)

Bonjour! We have exciting news to share: we’ve made free credit score available in Quebec (beta). We’re super excited to be in the awesome province of Quebec. Now, for the first time, residents of Quebec can access their credit score… Read More

Rachel Surman

July 3, 2018

choosing the right mortgage provider

How To Choose The Right Mortgage Provider

Picture this: you’ve been house hunting for months when you come across ‘the one.’ You make an offer on your dream home and it’s accepted. Congratulations, you’re almost a homeowner! But what about choosing the right mortgage provider? After all… Read More

Sean Cooper

June 28, 2018


What’s The Difference Between Installment And Revolving Credit?

Borrowing against credit is helpful – it lets us make big purchases and cover unexpected expenses while paying for it with future income. Misusing credit, however, can negatively impact your credit score and your future ability to borrow money when… Read More

Daniel Teo

June 22, 2018

Blog,Credit Score Education Centre,Personal Loans

It’s Been Two Years Of Free Credit Scores!

At Borrowell, we’re big on celebrations. Whether it be birthdays at the office, promotions, or company anniversaries – we’re always ready with balloons and cake in hand. So what’s so special about June 20th? On June 20th, 2016, Borrowell became… Read More

Rachel Surman

June 20, 2018


The Best Long Weekend Getaways In Canada For Summer And Fall

With summer finally here, it’s time to get out and enjoy the Canadian outdoors. Chances are you already have your summer holidays booked, but have you considered getting away for a long weekend this summer, or even this fall? Canada… Read More

Barry Choi

June 15, 2018

finding a rental apartment on a budget

Tips For Finding A Rental Apartment On A Budget

Finding a rental apartment on a budget can seem like trying to find a unicorn: impossible! Whether you’re renting for the first time or you’re switching places, a bit of preparation will get you closer to your new dream place.… Read More

Michelle Summerfield

June 4, 2018

Digital Literacy Day

Happy Digital Literacy Day! How Digitally Literate Are You?

Did you know May 31 is Digital Literacy Day in Toronto? As a financial technology company, we at Borrowell think this is an incredibly important day – considering the technological revolution the world is currently experiencing. Technology is completely changing the… Read More

Rachel Surman

May 31, 2018

Bank Of Canada

Bank Of Canada Keeps Key Interest Rate At 1.25% – What You Need To Know

The Bank of Canada (BoC) kept its key interest rate at 1.25%, it said in a statement Wednesday. But, as usual, hinted at a rate increase to come. Here’s what you need to know. What is the key interest rate?… Read More

Rachel Surman

May 30, 2018

affected by a data breach

Worried You May Have Been Affected By A Data Breach? Here’s What You Can Do

Data breaches seem to be occurring more and more frequently – a very scary thought for many Canadians. A data breach is when sensitive, protected, or confidential data is stolen from an organization. This information can be used to steal… Read More

Rachel Surman

May 29, 2018

the pizza principle

Financial Planning 101: The Pizza Principle

One of the best definitions of financial planning was suggested by a team of Canadian university professors who boiled it down to a single question: “What course of action will help me maximize my standard of living – in the… Read More

Michael Wickware

May 25, 2018