The Burger’s Priest: The Biggest Money Mistake I Ever Made

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Burger's Priest

We interviewed The Burger’s Priest, aka Shant Mardirosian, on a bunch of money-related topics. Read on to find out the scariest financial decision he’s faced, his advice for running a successful small business, and the biggest money mistake he ever made. Eva: What was the scariest financial decision you’ve had to make? Shant: Deciding to start The Burger’s Priest. I mean, it … Read More

Win A Free Fitbit From Borrowell!

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borrowell fitbit

Now you can keep your physical health in check with FitBit and your financial health in check with Borrowell! Our low rates and simple and convenient process are reason enough to tell your friends about Borrowell. But with this FitbBit Offer, there has never been a better time to share a better way to borrow with your loved ones. Borrowell Fitbit Giveaway

Finish This Sentence: Walking Into Your Bank Is…


Brick Building

Guest post by Philippe Garneau Finish this sentence: Walking into your bank to ask for a personal loan is… Not fun. First, there’s the desk. The one between you and the Loan Officer. The great divide. Then there’s the title ‘Loan Officer’. You almost expect to hear “What seems to be the problem here.” Yes indeed, years of banking tradition make the … Read More

Kick-ass Financial Trends Amongst Women


woman kicking ass

Guest Post By Lesley-Anne Scorgie | Founder of MeVest – A Money School for Canadians |  @LesleyScorgie Financially savvy women are on the rise and they are sexy. They exude confidence in many aspects of their lives knowing that they’re on a path to financial security AND they can choose what and who they want versus having to accept their circumstance. Despite … Read More

How My Ringtone Helps Me Pay Off Credit Card Debt



Guest Post by Philippe Garneau Got a bucket list? I started my first bucket list after reading about showers. Yep, showers. You know how we all step in, turn on the tap and then step back while the freezing water warms? An article suggested putting a bucket in the shower to collect that perfectly good fresh water and then use … Read More

Personal Loan Vs Credit Card Debt

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Managing and paying down credit card debt can be a serious challenge. Here at Borrowell, we believe that a personal loan  is a great solution for paying off credit cards.  The benefits are clear: a Borrowell personal loan can be used to consolidate multiple credit card debts into a single, lower-interest loan with one manageable monthly payment. Moving your credit card debt to a personal … Read More

Four Lifesaving Resources For Families On A Budget

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Kids at the library

I always appreciate tips on how to live life to the full on a budget. And with two kids under 5, life definitely feels full! Here are some resources I’ve found really helpful. Flipp – Flyer Comparison App After housing, food is the next biggest expense in our household. We try to cook as many meals as possible at home. … Read More