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Get your free credit score. Then, we’ll show you the best loan options suited to your financial profile. 


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If you’re eligible, you’ll have the option to get a quote from Borrowell. Otherwise, we’ll provide you with alternate options from our trusted partners.


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If approved, your money will be directly deposited into your bank account as soon as the next business day. Personal loans are simple!

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This won’t affect your credit score!

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Every day, we save Canadians thousands of dollars in credit card interest. Find out how much you could save with our interest savings calculator.  

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Loan Amount And Terms
Choose a loan between $1,000 and $35,000 and select the term, either 3 or 5 years, that works best for you. We offer fixed rates starting at 5.6% APR.

What is the “APR”?
APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate. It shows the cost of borrowing including the fee on a yearly basis. The APR on a Borrowell loan includes both the interest rate and origination fee.

Origination Fee
This is the only fee associated with taking out your Borrowell loan. The one-time origination fee covers the costs of evaluating loan applications, building and operating our processing platform, and providing amazing customer service. We feel this is a clear and transparent way to be upfront about how we get paid for the service we provide. The interest on your loan is used to repay the investors who give Borrowell financing for our loan business. 

The one-time origination fee is between 1-5% of your loan proceeds. The percentage depends on your credit profile – the better the credit profile, the lower the origination fee – as well as the term of the loan.

We will add the origination fee to the loan amount we’ve approved. So if you are approved for a $5,000 loan at a 2% origination fee, your total loan amount would be $5,100. You would receive $5,000 in your bank account and Borrowell would receive a $100 origination fee.

1Please note that final approval of your application for a Borrowell loan is conditional on completion of the steps set out in your application (including identity, income, and bank account verification) as well any further underwriting review deemed necessary. Additional documents may be required. Borrowell retains the right to adjust any loan options presented to you or to decline your application at any time prior to final approval.

2Based on credit card APR of 19.9% and credit card debt repayment of $250 per month.