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Borrowell is committed to helping Canadians improve their credit scores, but we’re also committed to our people and culture.

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We’ve earned the trust of over 700,000 Canadians – that’s a great impact for a very young company. I’m an avid runner and cyclist, despite a lack of athletic ability, and I love going to Brick Works with my wife and two young daughters.

Andrew Graham

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“One of my favourite quotes is, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”. At Borrowell, we invest in our people so they are excited about waking up each day knowing they are changing financial services for the better.” – Andrew Graham

We give people the opportunities to develop to their full potential – it’s been amazing to see people take on huge responsibilities and grow so much. I love food and personal finance blogs, and I’m currently trying to teach my two kids a more collaborative, less dictatorial management style.

Eva Wong

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

I love working at Borrowell because of the amazing talent – everyone works hard, but we play hard! We’re all working toward the same goal: to educate Canadians about their finances and make smart decisions about credit. I spend my downtime traveling and can't wait to travel more with my wife and daughter.

Larissa Holmes

VP, Talent

I'm excited to seize the opportunity ahead of us and being surrounded by a strong team makes me confident we'll overcome the challenges to get there. I love spending time with my family and I'm a fan of Toronto's sports teams - especially the Jays.

Jeff Yim

VP, Finance


Excited to create a positive impact in people’s daily lives, while driving disruption with a great team of empathically rich individuals. When not preoccupied with fatherhood, I am snapping photos or driving my sports car down back roads at the crack of dawn. At times, all three converge.

Patryk Adamczyk

Lead Designer

Borrowell is a company that teaches you a lot while giving you the freedom to try new things. I am glad to be a part of it.

Umut Akkaya

Full Stack Developer

Maryam Alireza

Manager, Product Innovation in Product

Kiran Aluvala

Full Stack Developer

Ameneh Arabi

Product Business Analyst

I am grateful to be developing industry-leading product and impacting thousands of Canadians. As an avid learner, Borrowell is the perfect place to be! Also, I love how fiercely competitive we are about poker and ping pong!

Majed Assa

Product Vertical Specialist

I'm passionate about promoting diversity in the workplace, recruiting, and all things HR. My work at Borrowell combines all three! I'm excited to maintain and grow Borrowell's diverse team. I love traveling, great food, good wine, and am a board game fanatic. I love spending time with friends, family, and my cat, Otis.

Claire Bartok

Talent Acquisition Specialist

I am thrilled to be working for a company that empowers Canadians to make better financial decisions. Nurturing strong partnerships with likeminded financial institutions is key to our success and is my main focus. Outside of the office, I enjoy cooking and spending time with my husband and son.

Ashley Behrman

Partnerships Manager

The people at Borrowell are incredibly friendly and intelligent, which is a fantastic combination. In my role, I get to wear a lot of interesting hats and I enjoy every minute of it. I'm happiest when I'm in a record store, at a great concert in Toronto, or camping in the middle of nowhere.

Steven Braithwaite

Growth Engineer

As manager of Prime Loans, I work on exciting and simple ways to help Canadians master their credit. Traveling is my passion, especially to exotic places with just my backpack.

Marlene Brakhane

Senior Manager, Prime Loans

It makes my day being able to help and have exciting conversations with our Borrowell users who are interested and serious about improving their finances! My other loves include board games, pasta, ramen and pugs.

Nice Chan

Customer Success Representative

As a person who never stops learning and wanted to be surrounded by high motivated, smart people, I'm happy to be a part of Borrowell.

Nikita Chernykh

Full Stack Developer

Tiago Colombo

Team Lead

Excited to work with so many talented people. I enjoy being able to come into work and to learn so much from the people around me.

Kevin Dang

Full Stack Developer

Delighted to be a part of a leading Fintech Company & a highly collaborative Team, I lead the projects on SEO, Site Design, improving UX/UI with design & engineering. Furthermore, I develop new channels to test, optimize & drive scalable growth through Digital Marketing Strategies. I like to hang out with friends & other outdoor activities.

Hiren Darji

Marketing Specialist - Growth in Marketing

I'm the JavaScript developer at Borrowell. My favourite word is sonder and it means that we're just background characters in the movie of someone else's life. Each person is living a complex existence and if we approach people with that understanding, we're all better off!

Jesse David

Javascript Developer

I'm excited to work in a fast growing company that impacts thousands of Canadians!

Viktor Deineka

Full Stack Developer

I'm proud to work for a company that promotes and leverages its diversity to change the financial industry for the better. At Borrowell, I find fulfillment performing meaningful work with a team of brilliant people.

Leandro De Paula

Full Stack Developer

Francey Forster

Credit Administrator

As a QA, I test the design built by Engineering team to provide a good user experience for customers. I'm so proud to be in Borrowell that has won numerous awards and has been called a "Company to-watch." I expect Borrowell should have a colossal amount of growth in the future.

Bava Gokul

QA Analyst

I'm proud to be a part of a company that brings together people from diverse cultures with the goal to revolutionize the financial industry. In my role as a bug tracker on the engineering team, I provide a great user experience for our customers. I go to work in anticipation of learning something new.

Sukhpreet Grewal

QA Analyst

Act Like Owners

Ellen Hardy

Product Owner

I am thrilled to be a part of a company that encourages innovation and learning, it is extremely motivating to be surrounded and supported by such intelligent and out-going individuals.

Moira Heaney

Marketing Specialist - Partnerships in Marketing

I am fun-loving, free-spirited, open-minded individual, always finding new ways to stay creative. I am a mother to a beautiful little girl who is my sunshine on the cloudiest of days. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with loved ones, reading up on just about anything, and exploring the city.

Tanika Hillocks

Customer Service Representative

I am thrilled to get to work with a team of incredibly talented yet humble individuals in a dynamic and rapidly changing industry. My travel addiction is responsible for frequently getting me lost on foreign soil - most recently in Thailand.

Adrianna Ho

Digital Marketing Coordinator - Intern

I get to work with amazing individuals in an industry that’s ripe for disruption, while making a positive impact on our customer’s lives. I’m a fan of the outdoors and of anything strawberry/orange flavoured.

Steven Hope

Manager, Business Intelligence & Growth

My goal at Borrowell is to help scale the team and build a sense of community in Toronto tech. I’m keen on running far and slow, playing soccer, and travelling.

Katy Innes

Technical Recruiter

As a member of the Borrowell team, I have a unique opportunity to work with some of the most talented people in the fintech industry. In my free time, you'll likely find me with my wife in a canoe at Algonquin Park.

Igor Kamenetsky

VP, Engineering

I was excited to find a fintech based in Toronto on a mission to improve the finance industry and consumer experience. The people I met stood out to me almost immediately as great people to work with. In my spare time I love to run and find other ways to be outdoors and I'm a bit craft beer snob.

Ryan Krook

Director of Strategic Projects

I enjoy finding unique, data-oriented solutions towards financial and everyday problems. Working at Borrowell presents fun challenges that I get to tackle with a great team. I'm a huge fan of music, Toronto sports, cooking and fitness.

Ben Labenski

Credit Specialist

As Borrowell's automation engineer, I’m working to cut down on testing time so that the engineering team can get new features out to the users as quickly as possible. I’m also a big fan of the Leafs.

Matt Lassaline

Team Lead, Shared Services

Excited to work alongside people who are so smart and passionate about Borrowell's mission. Also I love to explore all the food that Toronto has to offer!

May Li

Senior Accountant

Jing Ly

Credit Specialist

Kenneth Ma

Mobile Developer

I bring my financial services experience to the new world of online lending, ensuring Borrowell policies make sense for both consumer and company. I'm proud Borrowell can provide an uncomplicated way to borrow and manage debt. I love to have a good time with family and friends.

Rina Mancini

Credit Risk

Jim McGinley

Full Stack Developer

As the Email Engagement Manager at Borrowell, I get to express my creativity by trying new things every day and finding exciting ways to engage and delight our customers.

Brigitte McIntyre

Engagement Manager

I am super excited to be working at such a diverse and exciting office. Borrowell is giving me the opportunity to learn and grow with the company. I am very excited for what is to come.

Michelle Mierzwa

Talent and Office Administrator

Tess Millar

Product Designer

I enjoy working at Borrowell because we positively impact the lives of Canadians. It's motivating being a part of a team that is really supportive and growing fast! I enjoy biking, indoor rock climbing and learning new things. Being with my family and cats (yes, my cats are a part of the family) is important to me.

Carol Miranda

Team Lead

Love to Learn

I love coming into work knowing I love what I do and where I do it. I get to use the latest technologies alongside the most talented people in the industry to build a product that helps people improve their financial situation.

Ilya Nemstev

Full Stack Developer

Borrowell has the same passions that I have. Which is educating Canadians about their credit and helping them make sound financial decisions. I love to golf and want to explore all the great golf courses in Ontario.

Tien Nguyen

Credit Operations Lead

It is exciting to work for Borrowell as a leading Canadian fintech that genuinely cares about helping our customers. I have a passion for connecting with customers via marketing and fostering the success of the amazing team at Borrowell. I also love cooking and enjoying food with friends and my family!

Andrea Nickel

Director of Marketing

As someone who has lurked personal finance blogs for years, I’m thrilled to finally be contributing to the space through Borrowell. It’s both inspiring and rewarding to work with a group of brilliant and humble individuals who strive to make a positive impact on the financial decisions of Canadians. My happy place: the garden.

Tasnim Noman

Digital Marketing Manager

It’s exciting and rewarding being part of a talented team doing meaningful work. We have this great opportunity where our work can have a significant impact on the financial health of Canadians. Plus, I get to cycle to work year round which is my way of keeping connected to the city.

Stephanie Overholt

Director, Lending

I'm a sociologist/developer and I like to encourage women and underrepresented minorities to get into coding because it's awesome! I love people as much as I love code and working in such a diverse and supporting environment is life changing.

Clémentine Pirlot

Full Stack Developer

I love to learn new things and am passionate about data driven technologies. I'm excited to learn new things at Borrowell and contribute to our mission. I enjoy cooking, baking, and spending time playing with my kid!

Pavithra Ravi

BI Analyst

I am excited to work for a fast paced company that thrives on collaboration and finding inventive solutions to important problems. As a creative person, Borrowell provides great opportunities to learn, grow and create!

Casey Reid

Product Owner

It’s an incredible opportunity to work with a bright and diverse team at Borrowell in an industry facing dynamic change and disruption. I love spending my time hiking and travelling with friends and family!

Ryan Robertson

Financial Analyst

My work is to translate words to code. As a software developer, my job is very similar to solving a part of the puzzle everyday. I am excited to be at Borrowell, working with extremely smart and humble people. I am looking forward to grow along with Borrowell and together benefit the society!

Shivika Singh

Full Stack Developer

The team at Borrowell is incredible. Everyone is down to earth, positive, and genuinely want you to succeed in all aspects of your life. When I'm not at work, I'm usually playing tabletop games.

Cam Spencer

Test Automation Engineer

I enjoy leveraging data to guide decision making. The fun part of data science is extracting meaning from a sea of noisy observations. Best of all, I get to do this while surrounded by a talented, energetic, and diverse team of people at Borrowell! Outside of work, I climb rocks.

Sol Sun

Data Scientist

I love Toronto and our city's amazing tech scene. As a content marketing specialist for Borrowell, I’m working to create educational content that will help us connect with amazing Canadians. My happy place: Riverdale Park, with a good book in hand.

Rachel Surman

Senior Content Marketing Specialist

Chris Tran

Product Designer

Borrowell is a fun place to work and I have learned a lot while working here.

Frank Uccello

System Administrator

The team at Borrowell is full of talent, diversity and character, which makes coming into work everyday a great experience. On the Product team, I support insights, projects and decisions with data. In my spare-time I enjoy hiking and craft beer.

Dean Van Asseldonk

Product Data Scientist Manager

Guilherme Varandas

Team Lead Developer

I get to help Canadians make better financial choices, and that excites me! I'm a mom, bookworm and Netflix lover.

Lerri-Ann Williams

Customer Service Representative

I am excited to be part of an awesome team that educates and empowers Canadians to make great financial decisions. I love creating illustrations to help communicate ideas with ease. When I am not designing, I can be found biking or hiking in the woods.

Amanda Wondergem

Marketing Graphic Designer

Our credit scores affect many aspects of our lives – and I’m proud to be a part of the team that first introduced free credit scores to Canada. I enjoy the gym, balanced with good food and red wine.

Simon Wyse

VP, Revenue

Brandon Yanuziello

Team Lead

It's always exciting to collaborate with talented individuals across the organization to help scale the business. Aside from working on exciting new projects at Borrowell, I enjoy travelling, being a foodie, and playing a variety of sports.

Will Zheng-Bassier

FP and A Manager