Who we are

Borrowell is a 100% Canadian company, with a single goal in mind: to help Canadians make great decisions about credit. Our job is to empower you by providing the tools you need to improve your credit score and save money. 

While it’s our technology that differentiates us, it’s people that motivate us. We were the first company in Canada to introduce free credit scores and more than one million Canadians to date have received theirs. To meet the Borrowell team, click here


What we do


We help Canadians make great decisions about credit. First, we provide free credit scores and credit reports, without needing to apply for credit first, and updated scores so you can monitor your score over time. Then, we make financial recommendations based on your score to improve your financial well-being and to better manage debt. This includes fixed-rate personal loans, credit cards, and the best mortgage rates to suit your financial profile.

We think it should be easier for Canadians to understand the value of their credit, so they can be confident and in control of their finances.

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How we make money

As a financial technology company, transparency is key. Our business generates revenue by recommending products such as loans, savings accounts, and other financial products based on your unique credit profile and financial goals. If you take a product we recommend, that company pays us a referral fee. We also offer our own personal loan product and we earn a fee on each loan.

Not interested? That’s totally fine – we’re still happy to provide you with your credit score for free. Hopefully, over time, we’ll recommend something you will find useful. If not, we’re happy to help you learn about and improve your credit score. 



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